St. Petersburg! My, My! Looking Good!


FSX/P3D. Quick show of hands here, who is familiar with developer Батурин Евгений? Or perhaps you may know them as Digital on No? How about Eugene Buchanan? Ring a bell? Okay let's try Evgeny Baturin. How about that? Well, this is the development team who has not only brought you several high quality freewareRussian scenery addons in the past, they also delivered Aerosoft Аэропорт Кольцово (Koltsovo) [my review] and most recently, Norilsk published by Aerosoft last year as well. Evgeny is back in action yet again with the announcement of the local airport in what is in my opinion, Russia's most beautiful city St. Petersburg! Russia is getting more airports than ever and I couldn't be more pleased. If you have been hiding in the shadows waiting for a proper rendidion of this unique airport, look no further. In fact, just have a look at the above set of shots the developer was so kind to send over for ADX readers. Damn if that doesn't absolutely look terrific! Check it out!