ADX Editorials Page Launched!

[Editorials] When I begun working on the new website nearly a year ago, I had full intentions of importing all of the various forms of content from the old blog. However, once I was about 65% through, I realized, this process would continue to take months of effort prolonging the the new site launch. As a result, I imported as much as possible and pressed the button. Ever since, I have been striving to not only continue to import the older data, but keep on track with the Daily News, FirstLooks (behind on those) reviews, and Live Streams. So between projects, I dip back in and fill the cracks. You may have noticed the footer of each page here on ADX has been populated with many more links and more will follow as more content is added. This time however, it's the editorials written by both myself and you, the community. I'm looking to grow the editorial content here on ADX and I still have a few articles to add. But for now, I have imported plenty to keep you busy for a while. Have some thoughts you want to share? Feel free to submit an editorial of your own, it's your soapbox! Enjoy! 

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