Lionheart LJ24B Released!

FSX/P3D. Ahh finally! The Lionheart LearjetB is out on the hanger and on the showroom floor! There has been a lot of complaints I have read about Carenado's lack of systems depth and whereas Carenado is starting to increase efforts in that area, you shouldn't allow yourself to think Lionheart's Learjet is of equal or easier simplicity. Bill has created an "Insights" page detailing just how complex the features list is. Push the engines too hard for too long? They will flame out. Land with the tip tanks full? You could damage the landing gear. Remember to jettison fuel first. The fuel dump vapor trail animation is also included. This is only a couple of features that will require you to maintain your P's&Q's. For the full feature list CLICK HERE. To purchase, click the source link below for the list of retailers. I am getting mine today! Thanks to ADX reader Lars Nielsen for the tipoff!