Why CoolSky Is Rejecting P3D.

FSX. No doubt CoolSky has delivered some amazing quality addons over the years and none better then their DC-9. Tack on the McPhat textures and you have one bad looking Maddog ready for some hands-on action. Now I have been reluctant to purchase their products for fear they would not work in P3Dv2.x. So I asked the developers last week regarding their position and they made it clear they would not be supporting P3D. At all. I was told they would be writing a blog post to explain why and today, they have done just that. Now mind you, their research comes from the Avsim 2013 demographic survey leading to their decision along with P3D's "non entertainment use" as their rational. My opinion is this is a bad move. But then again, I am not a simulation aircraft developer. But I suppose as long as they don't outright reject their installers from working in Prepar3D, they can remain viable for many of their customers. Nevertheless, I will leave you with their statement via the source like below which is a 2 part blog post. Agree? Disagree? Part One /  Part Two / Part Three 

ADX Update: Response to ADX readers from CoolSky CEO Espen Øijordsbakken and part 3.