Flight1 Xtreme Cities. Could It Really Be??

FSX/P3D. Okay so you guys know how i'm always whining about photoreal? You know, like the MSE 2.0 stuff? Like "waah, no autogen", "waah, too flat" "googoo, no trees", "gaga, looks like crap from eyepoint on the ground." Well earlier this year I told you about Nuvecta and their products which accurately places autogen trees on top of photo scenery. But now, the Flight1 Ultimate Terrain Xtreme team is doing something a little different. They are developing a program which places autogen on top of these photoreal layers and release is evidently close. I'm not entirely convinced yet. However, I am willing to try this out for you all in the form of a live stream. Let's say Phoenix. That looks like a good start. For more info, click the source link below. Uh-oh... diaper is full again... Waahhhh!!! Thanks to ADX reader CJ Soques for the tipoff!