WDS Simulations: Time For Another Update!

FSX/P3D. When developer Russ White branched off on his own earlier this year, I had no doubt in my mind he would be successful. After all, all he had to do is continue upon his legacy for delivering high quality sceneries with great performance within a short period of time. But I was wrong. And whether than just get products out to market, he had elected to take his time and not only refine his skills and talents, but to redefine what we perceive as quality. Now quite naturally, we all have seen the level of quality Russ has put into his HDX vehicle and vegetation libraries. We have seen the amazing detail incorporated into his internal terminal modeling. What we have not yet seen is the bigger picture (the airport) and the even bigger picture, the surrounding landscape. And I have to be honest, after today's update, I can honestly say I have not ever seen a more clean and accurate appearance of an autogened surrounding coverage area with a photoreal application so crisp, so clean, it truly puts the "real" in photoreal. But by all means, see for yourselves. No doubt, WDS will make a very serious impact on the FS community on day one of release. For more screenshots and information, click the source link below. Damn that looks good.