Taxi2Gate Announces St. Kitts!

FSX/P3D. And this is that "I told you so" moment when I mentioned that developer Taxi2Gate still had tricks up their sleeves for 2014 after Doha's release. I am going to go on the record now and predict that even though this is the developer's fourth project this year with two of them being mega airports, T2G will more than likely deliver a fifth airport by Christmas. Could it be the Hong Kong many of you are waiting for? Perhaps... Perhaps not. But one thing is certain, these guys and gals are on a bloody roll and i'm lovin every bit of it. Just one shot of Kitts for now but more to come. Monday's suck so hopefully ADX has made your Monday worthwhile. I'm outta here, back tomorrow. Peace. 

ADX >> Updated With Exclusive Shots!