Aerosoft A318/19 Release Date Set!


FSX/P3D. The release date for the Aerosoft baby busses has been set for Monday September 22, 2014. That's one week from today. But before you go jumping for joy, there are a few things you need to know. According to Mathijs Kok, because of a shop limitation (they are moving to a new shop system this fall) they had to change the pricing structure a bit. For those outside the Eurozone, you can calculate a 20% reduction. All prices in Euro:
Stand alone prices for download (inc VAT)
-A318/A319 -> 39.99   
-A320/A321 -> 39.99   
-A318/A319 + A320/A321 bundle -> 54.99            
Prices for people who own Airbus X Extended (inc VAT)
-A318/A319 -> 19.99       
-A320/A321 -> 14.99       
-A318/A319 + A320/A321 bundle -> 24.99    
For the moment they are dropping the cross update A318/A319 <> A320/A321, which will be discussed later when the A320/A321 is available. Also, Mathijs Has also stated they will only accept new orders (not updates) for the first 48 hours noting limitations with the current shop system as well as avoiding the download server from overloading. Therefore if you currently own the Airbus Extended you'll can buy your copy on Wednesday the 24th. For more information and the direct statement, click the source link below. Thanks to ADX reader Tom Wellige for the tipoff with this info.