Our Latest Aircraft Review Published!


FSX/P3D. When Wilco first announced the Socata TBM850 I was ecstatic. Because I love that aircraft. And prior to that when they released their Piaggio P180 I was all over it. When Wilco released the Embraer Phenom, I was first off the runway. Before that? The CRJ! What do all these releases have in common? They were all an absolutely waste of my money. A total disappointment. And worse was the customer service. I had vowed not to purchase any more products from these guys but then came the Tecnam P2006T. An aircraft I have a really soft spot for. So is it good? Has Wilco redeemed themselves? Are they a vable aircraft publisher? ADX staff reviewer Andy Underwood from New Zealand is back at the helm again with another exciting review and well... Let's just say this is the kind of review you would only find on ADX: Absolute Honesty. You ready to go? 

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