LHC Lear 24B Updated To 1.1!

FSX/P3D. This is one aircraft I have had trouble keeping my hands off of. Bill Ortis has done a splendid job with his little Learjet and if nothing else, it cements him as a quality business jet developer. I really hope he considers delivering more classic aircraft like this in the future. COUGH North American Sabreliner COUGH! Excuse me, lots of dust in here... Anyhoo, if you missed it, be sure to catch our nearly 2 hour live broadcast via our Twitch page. In the mean time, an update has been released and among them is an option to cover the inop weather radar or replace it with the Garmin GPS 500. It has also been mapped to a $pan texture allowing you to implement another gauge as you wish. Many more updates were also included so be sure to grab it from the vendor you purchased it from. I just live this plane!