Sheremetyevo: The Bigger Picture!


FS9/FSX/P3D. The Polish Wizards are back! This is has been a pretty tough year for Drzewiecki Design when put in comparison to 2013. With the exception of Orbx, Drzewiecki released more projects than any other singular developer last year. But an onslaught of delays stretching from August of last year through August of this year really impacted the forecast of this team for 2014. As it now stands, Warsaw will most likely be a Q1 2015 release. The good news? NY Airports and Tallinn has finally been released with Sheremetyevo now on the home stretch. If the team can get things sorted through the end of Q4 2014, 2015 could be a massive breakout year for the Polish developers. We are watching with interest! Thanks as always to ADX spotter René Dijkema for the tipoff!