PacSim Manila: Our impression!

P3Dv2.3. Well this was indeed a very big one! Every now and then, I am so touched by a scenery, that simply doing a "review" feels far too little. And as such, this is not really a review. Reviews can be found practically everywhere be it review websites or buried down in the depths and pits of forums as what I like to call: "glorified forum posts" (developers deserve better than that for their hard efforts) with the same old boring format. But here, my purpose is to not so much as throw a review at you but to really take you on an adventure. And because this is AirDailyX and not some typical flight simulation forum, I decided to throw all the rules out the window and describe this product and developer in the way I truly feel. Because PacSim has done such an incredible job with Manila, that not only will a typical review not do it justice, even my efforts pale in comparison to what was accomplished here. Now for those of you who are fans of my writing style, you are in for ride! And those who have never read a review of mine? Proceed with caution. Interested? Well let's go! Major Bandwidth Warning! 

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