Iris PC-9/A: Some Clarification.

A message from David Love-Brice, Proprietor of IRIS Flight Simulation Software.

"Two of the common questions we get in regards to the new IRIS Pro Training Series - Pilatus PC-9/A are as follows;

1. What's different? 

2. What sets this new product aside from the already popular freeware PC-9/A from IRIS Flight Simulation Software?

Well there are many differences in the new PC-9/A, in fact the ENTIRE product is different. 

The whole team here at IRIS approached this product with a singular mindset.  This PC-9/A was to be developed to be potentially used by trainee pilots. 

When developing the T-6A Texan II which can now be found shipped with Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D simulation platform, we found that a number of US Air Force and US Navy trainees used our product for their familiarisation and training, albeit unofficially.

As such, we had long envisioned producing a Pilatus PC-9/A with the potential of being used as a procedural simulator for instrument flight, systems familiarisation and emergency procedures training.  

Not only that, but we wanted to ensure it could be enjoyable to fly for the average desktop simulation pilot, who may not for whatever reason have access to a real PC-9, but still want the experience of operating the aircraft.  

After many hours of testing and evaluation by real world pilots and simulation pilots alike, we strongly believe that we have been successful in both counts and we are supremely confident that the product is as close to the real aircraft as can be found in a desktop simulator. 

Whilst not endorsed or officially developed in conjunction with the Royal Australian Air Force, being an Australian business, the product we chose to simulate is in fact based on the PC-9/A, specifically flown by the Roulettes, the Royal Australian Air Force Aerobatic Team. 

During development we were also lucky to have had feedback from pilots and ex-aircrew of the Pilatus PC-9 in regards to flight handling, visual accuracy, audio accuracy and more to ensure that everything in the cockpit works as intended for the purposes of training.  

After over two years in development, it's turned out to be a superb simulation of the real PC-9/A in all regards and we’re undoubtedly proud of our accomplishments.

So wether you’ve never flown an IRIS aircraft before, are a long-time fan or have moved on to pastures new, we invite you to come back to us and fly a product which is undoubtedly the most accurate, most detailed and most in-depth IRIS product to date.

The IRIS Pro Training Series – Pilatus PC-9/A can be purchased directly from IRIS Flight Simulation Software at

Additionally, if you use the following coupon code (PC9NEWS-10) on the IRIS Store, you’ll get a 10% discount off the price of the FSX/P3D V2 multi-licence product.

Blue Skies!"

David Love-Brice
IRIS Flight Simulation Software