Service Pack B1 for the 777 Released!

FSX/P3D. "Hello Pilots! We are going to release the 777 SP1b update (Service Pack B-1) to you on Friday, 08AUG14. We anticipate the update becoming available for download during the afternoon, US EDT. SP1b update is primarily designed to improve stability on issues that we have been investigating and reporting to you as fixed. (Cockpit freezes, control freezes and some optimizations and other minor tweaks...) 

This update will come to you in the form of a universal installer that is capable of updating either the original release version of the 777, or an installed SP1 version of the 777. There is no need to uninstall the 777 in order to update to SP1b, and any guidance along those lines is just wasting your time- so 99.9% of you will be able to simply download the SP1b update, run the executable file, and you will have a perfect copy of SP1b installed the next time you run FSX. 

With this, SP1b update we are also going to refresh the 777-300ER to include some fixes that we have collected on that since it was released last month. I will have more information on those and the update process for the 300ER at release time... On the topic of "FSX pauses" and "airplane wanders at 8x and 16x" problems, this update is not expected to address those issues. We are still researching and collecting data on those two items and we anticipate eventually pushing out an SP1c to address those issues as we find/kill them. (I am prepping a major update dealing solely with those issues so that you have an idea where we are on that topic...) 

See you on Friday afternoon!" Which is today! RELEASED!