Sandefjord & Tromsø: 2 Norwegian Updates!

FSX/P3D. Norway is really becoming a major hotspot for FS. With Oslo v2 and Bergen completed and Trondheim Værnes, Narvik, Bodø, Trop Sandefjord, FTX Norway plus whatever else Joakm might have up his sleeve... well like I said, I hotspot. Joakm has uploaded more images of his Torp project today, and the quality shows a lot of promise. KDM Entertainment and it's lead developer Joakim Tychesen has just announced the Torp X project will be released via Aerosoft with an estimated release time frame of late summer/early fall. Great news! For more information about this team (first announced by AirDailyX) and more screenshots, click the source link below. Thanks to ADX reader Johan Adolfsson for the tipoff.