Oh My! This Is Project Airbus. This Is Outerra!

Outerra. I know many of us have been watching this platform over the years and wondering if this could stand in as a future flight simulation platform among the many aspects of potential it has. But to date, it has remained something of an infinite work in progress with no apparent end in sight. And whereas it has my attention 150%, it's now that I actually see some real flight simulation potential. The Project Airbus has successfully been exported for the Outerra engine and this leaves me to wonder, what if this could be done with PMDG aircraft, or Carenado. What about airports like FlightBeam's Denver. Could we really be on the eve of of something magical with Outerra? I guess time will tell, but for now, you gotta check this out! Thanks to ADX reader Jordan King for the tipoff. Oh yeah, and you saw it on ADX first..