PacSim Nagasaki Really Close!

FSX/P3D. You'd think PacSim would be taking a much needed break after that amazing Manila release but Nope! They are moving full speed ahead! According to Graham yesterday, they are nearing the tail end of Nagasaki development and will start work on the adjacent Omura airport shortly. OMJ is by design, and from history, part of RJFU and was (and still is) in use before RJFU was built in 1975. In FSX, Omura is part of RJFU and has ATC services from RJFU. Runways 14/32 (RJFU) and 36/18 (OMJ) are serviced from RJFU tower. There is no ICAO code listing for Omura within FSX so don't bother checking. In real life, Omura is currently used primarily by the Japan Maritime Self Defense Force helicopter squadron. Now WingCreation has also committed themselves to this airport so in the end, if they continue on their current track, I suppose you will have a choice. But given their high ass prices, I already know what direction I am going in. Besides, PacSim is simply amazing these days.