FSL A320: The Liveries! It's Time!

FSX/P3D. This is not one of those longwinded status updates that we get every eight months or so from FlightSimLabs. Nope. This time they choose to grace us with heaps (and by heaps, I do mean heaps) of preview shots of the upcoming A320 series. These guys are typically just as shielded as PMDG so when they release this many previews, soak it up while you can! The team has clearly been very busy painting the externals and based on these previews, I think we can expect a lot of liveries on day of release... whenever that will be... Here is a bit of trivia, the whole wingflex debacle was all started with an ADX post on the FSL A320 a little over a year ago. Every since then, you, (and you all know who you are) have been driving the community crazy over it. So NO WINGFLEX POSTS!! Anyhoo, I posted a few of the previews here but be sure tap the source link below for much more! So who is ready for Monday?? Yeah!!

ADX Update >> FSL is now accepting applications for beta testers! 

ADX Update from team member Andrew Wilson regarding P3D: "P3D will be supported, but we cannot support both FSX and P3D under the same product title due to conflicting licensing agreements with regards to these platforms. You can expect a separate solution for the FSL A320, tailored specifically for P3D to follow the initial release for FSX."