ADX FirstLook: JetStream Metz-Nancy-Lorraine!

P3Dv2.3. It's nearly the middle of the week and I am already tired of work. I need a vacation. A place with history, good food, culture, stunning vistas and architecture. I'm thinking France. Let's check some airfares shall we? (One Hour Later) Well damn... that's not going to happen. If only there were some way for me to still fly France for free? But I bloody well can't leave the fam behind can I? Surely there must be another way to get away... hmmm.... Wait a minute! What the hack am I thinking? I have the entire globe right at my fingertips. And not only can I fly for free, the pilots will even let me fly the plane! So back to the trip... France! Well... JetStream designs did just deliver Metz-Nancy-Lorraine haven't they? We'll that's just where i'll go! Would you like to come along as well?

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