Its The A350! Ah Wait... Nevermind... F&^%K!

XPL. As we all know, I am not a fan of X-Plane, the majority of ADX readers are not fans of X-Plane thus updates of X-Plane products here are extremely rare. But every now and then I see a development come along that show so much promise, it makes me ask: why would the developer put so much talent in the least popular platform? Now before you X-Planers go jumping on me, hear me out. Obviously XPL has it's customer base and given the fact that it is x64, obviously it's the better engine for heavy addons. But in comparison to the FSX/P3D crowd, there is likely potential for the developers to make 10x more by marketing to all three platforms. And even if these guys were delivering a PMDG level quality product, it still wouldn't be enough for me to go after it. No FSDT LAX, No FlightBeam KDEN, No FlyTampa Dubai, Sydney, Toronto, No Taxi2Gate Orlando, Istanbul, Doha, No Orbx nuthin... the list goes Onnnnnnnnnnnnn..... So not going to happen for me. So i'll just sip my tea and wait for my QualityWings 787. BTW, on a separate note, I have noticed quite a bit of inconsistency with many X-Plane developers. Many of them seem to have trouble finishing projects. I also noticed a number of XPL news sites have disappeared. I wonder how that IXEG 737 is coming along... Thanks to ADX reader Vegard Mardahl for the tipoff. This project looks like another missed FSX/P3D opportunity but for what it's worth, it looks very good!