Wait. I Did Mention Razbam Was E-Jetting Right?

FSX/P3D. Will I did mention several days ago via the AirDailyX Facebook page anyway...  But yes indeed, Razbam has started the process on development of the Embraer E-jets series of aircraft and you know i'm glad. Because Wilco really pulled a fast one on us with that shit they pulled with their E-Jets package a few years back. They released the package complete several liveries and when they released the all the systems were super buggy and external model completely wrong, instead of releasing an update, they choose to release a whole new build fixing most of the issues but charging full price for it all over again with only a couple liveries. This pissed off many people including myself who refused to buy the newer version. They did something similar with their CRJ products but few fell for that.  So yeah, I am 100% pulling for Razbam and besides, we already know these guys deliver top quality with great customer service. Looks like 2015 ain't even here yet but it's already off to a great start! Check out the first renders via the source link below. Thanks to ADX reader Todd for the reminder. Brasilia VC render pictured above due Q4 2014.