Is EireSim Making A Comeback?

FSX/P3D. As their name suggests, EareSim had set out by a 2 brothers team to cover airports in Ireland. A region in FS that had been ignored for nearly 2 decades. Their Shannon and Cork projects were quite good for their time including finally delivering a quality rendition of Dublin. The team then left Ireland to develop Alacante airport in Spain and Luton over in England the latter of which caused a bit of controversy covered in my ADX FirstLook Aerosoft Dublin article. A couple years ago, they set out to recreate Dublin from scratch but given school commitments and the launch of Aerosoft Dublin, the project was abandoned. The team then assisted earlier thus year with the independent Belfast City project which had been in development for way too long publishing it under the EireSim brand. Now? The team has been quietly developing Kerry airport near the southern tip of the island. The first previews of this project are now available so have a look. Nice to see this team return!