Orbx Lake Tahoe Released!

FSX/P3D. Misha Cajic's biggest release has arrived! It's another regional airport for both the C172 and B737 fan and is also the third Orbx airport for FTX NCA. Now if only the airport had been modeled, i'd still be happy. But the developer has gone far beyond that rendering well over 500 square kilometers of beautifully detailed surrounding area to explore. Features include: 500sq km imagery, fully custom modeled airport and objects, animated ski-lifts during the winter all new custom vegetation exclusive to KTVL, SnowFlow incorporating freezing rivers and lakes, optimized for the NGX and other larger airliners and much more! We are getting a live session together with Misha so be sure to stick around for the broadcast details! For now, Lake Tahoe awaits you! Click the source link below and purchase your copy today!