Calling All ADX Fans!

FSX/P3D. If it's one thing we can't ever get enough of, it's FlyTampa updates. The famous development team has finally (believe it or not) launched a Facebook page! So in support of FlyTampa, I am calling on all ADX fans that are on Facebook to flood the FlyTampa Facebook page and increase their page likes! Let's encourage them and show them just how big the FlyTampa fan base truly is and who knows? Maybe they will show us more previews! I'm thinkin Toronto! They have just over 300 page likes at the time this post was written. Let's see where we can get them in 24 hours! Happy hunting! Oh yeah, a couple new SYD photos too! 

ADX Update >> Less than 24 hours and well over 1,200 likes! Well done all! You guys rock!