Taxi2Gate Doha Qatar Released!

FSX/P3D. Now usually I would say something like "the long awaited release is finally here" you know, some crap like that. But this release was not long awaited. Not a all. In fact, I barely feel as I have had to wait at all for this project to get completed. The amazingly super fast team that is Taxi2Gate has worked a miracle yet again having released a second Mega Airport is just a few months time. This marks the third release for the brand this year with at least one or two more airports likely to come before years end. It's already trending at #3 on Simmarket behind FlyTampa Dubai. Looks like a lot of people really want to connect these two airports! I have one question? Why are you still reading this? Go! Buy it! Live stream is in preparation! Congrats Taxi2Gate on another amazing release! 

ADX >> Live Event Ended! Missed it? Watch It Now In The Above Player!