Flightreal? Or Flightjoke? Looks Like Flightscam.


FSX/P3D. And based on what I am seeing, i'd say it's the latter. But these guys are asking for money so whether it's real or not, proceed with caution should you choose to take this outfit seriously. In a topic recently closed by Avsim (one of many LOL) a one month member named DecryptedZ or Darek, opened the topic declaring he is creating an FSX 64bit conversion tool that is "successfully running". He says it's in Alpha stage and that through the use of the tool, flight simulator will run in a 64bit environment. He claims his project allows the FSX application to use more than 2 cores by default, and more than 4GB of ram. Do with this information what you will but as I said, if you choose to proceed with this, do so with caution. In the mean time, here is the closed topic on Avsim yesterday: [LINK HERE] This information came from ADX reader Predrag Drobac. Source link goes to their product page...

ADX Update >> Another topic has been opened on Avsim and a couple members are claiming the product works. I am personally still quite skeptical but you are welcome to follow the course of feedback [HERE] The thread is going downhill pretty quickly. Notes feedback that they are selling a freeware scenery which only delivers the Flightreal product. Who knows what the hell this program could be doing in the background on your system.  

ADX Update >> Majestic Simulations notes this outfit as a scam. [HERE] 

ADX Update >> A note from developer Jorge Amengol: "Hi, I'm the author of Ilheus (SBIL) airport and this "FlightReal" is really a SCAM. They even show images of other products that have nothing to do with SBIL. Please spread this message to all your simmers friends. People car freely download this airport from http://fsbirdhouse.blogspot.com.br/ or http://aussiex.org/forum/. Regards,

Jorge Amengol."

ADX Update >> Avsim has closed the second forum topic noting to it's members: "buyer beware". 

ADX Update >> Several other news outlets are now warning their readers regarding this scam. Seems like ADX always takes the risk first. Please spread the word. That site is still running and there is still potential for people to get taken advantage of.