Wilco's P2006T Looks Promising. But Is It?


FSX/P3D. Well I will say this: promising or not, it sure as hell looks mighty good and as with many of their products, they have gained my initial interest. Besides this, I also happen to be a sucker for Tecnam aircraft. But if we roll the dice here, their Piaggio Avanti and TBM 850 were both performance nightmares despite the fact that they looked good. Couple this with the visuals and current community reaction regarding the Falcon and skepticism start's to run rampant in my mind. At least here, the visuals look impressive. But I get the feeling they just might have over did it with the visuals and I am seeing a lot of polygons in that exposed engine modeling. So whereas I am officially in line to get one of these babies on day one, you might want to wait till after I stream it before you plop down the cash. As for the price? Seems quite reasonable $21.73 USD excluding taxes. So yeah, looks like i'm getting it.