Prepar3D v2.3 Released!

FSX/P3D. Oh yeah P3D fans! It's time and I am downloading my update as we speak! It's so great to have a platform that is constantly being improved. According to the product update page:  At a very high level, the Prepar3D v2.3 update brings many bug fixes, performance and stutter improvements, as well as several requested features and enhancements to both the core platform as well as the SimDirector mission creation and virtual instruction suite. The complete feature list is far too much to report here. The full listing of performance improvements, fixes, and requested enhancements broken out via the source link below. Enjoy! Thanks to ADX Reader Michael Cevasco for the tipoff!

ADX Update >> A quick warning to those who use FSUPIC. We recommend you use the beta Otherwise you will have problems. Orbx has updated the Objectflow. My experience so far is the performance has improved quite a bit. I should be able to broadcast with increased settings tomorrow. Thank you Lockheed Martin!