More Pictures Of Baby! No Diaper!

FSX/P3D. Look at her, right out of the nest! Gotta crawl before you can walk. Gotta taxi before you fly sweetie. Screw it, get her airborne! I can already see my first sortie, the BA run from UK2000 LCY to FSDT JFK via Eiresim SNN and direct on the return! I have not done a sortie like that since my old PMDG FS9 days from JFK to ZRH in the PrivatAir 737. Of course, the JFK>LCY flight will be far more gut wrenching with the steep approach procedures. God I hope I don't come in too fast. I have been known to bounce the Avro a few times there. Bringing in the A318 will be a whole new animal! There are a bunch of new shots posted today showing off the baby girl so tappy the source and say googoo gaga! 

On a side note here, with the growing number of business jets coming along, I do look forward to some nice corporate liveries. Hint, hint repainters!