FlightBeam Roadmap: KSFO/EDDF/KMSP!

FSX/P3D. Yesterday FlightBeam Studios revealed a whole new website and logo clearly showing their commitment to the flight simulation community and future as a leading development company. But that's not the biggest news here. There are in fact 3 news items to report here and the first on the list is San Francisco. No longer called KSFO v3, because this is no longer going to be an update to the original KSFO. This is an all new project completely rebuilt from the ground up to match their current level of quality with KDEN. KSFO HD is currently being made from complete scratch, from the updated ground, reworked models, crisp 2048×2048 textures, and complete with internal modeling. Besides this, the 2015 roadmap will include Frankfurt Main & Minneapolis St. Paul! I am sure this will make many of you very happy! For more information and details, click the source link below! Thanks to several ADX readers for the tipoff whilst I slept.