WhiteDigital: Pristine Quality Like No Other...


FSX/P3D. From the top of the amazingly rendered trees to the dirt below the shrubs. Russ White has only shown us a microcosm of the wide range his talents can deliver. Even with all of his previous releases, no matter how good they are, he was only delivering just small portion of his true abilities. Now on his own and developing under his own name, Russ has had the opportunity to explore his true talents. An opportunity to explore what the ideal flight simulation scenery should look and "feel" like. For his first attempt, he selected MBS airport just off Saginaw bay in Northern Michigan. MBS recently completed a whole new terminal that is almost entirely glass clad. With this in mind, Russ had 3 options.

  1. Apply photoreal imagery glass which is nearly impossible to get.
  2. Use the glass texture bake method which would look entirely unrealistic.
  3. Just model the entire terminal interior with transparent glass. 

Well 3 it is! And if it's one thing we got to discover with FlightBeam's Denver, internal modeling when done right can be an amazing experience especially when viewed from the virtual cockpit. This is the same experience Russ is aiming for. For you to see exactly what the real world pilots see from the flight deck when parked at the gate. And like FB Denver, you can fully expect it all to come with amazing performance. Russ has just uploaded new previews. I have included a few below but be sure to click the source link for the rest. Man this work looks amazing! Aside from MBS, Russ will be developing more airports in the Great Lakes region.