This. Is. Frankfurt!

FSX/P3D. Well no doubt this has been the most controversial mega airport of 2014. It all started out with our poll for Taxi2Gate's next project. Frankfurt technically won but on the news that GAP was developing the popular German airport, the second choice Doha Hamad was chosen. Then FlightBeam added EDDF to it's poll tied with MSP. We have reason to believe FlightBeam has made the decision not to develop EDDF. Then came FSDT with EDDF in it's current poll. The interesting thing is, when it became apparent that EDDF would win the FB poll, the GAP team jumped the plank with a set of previews that were far less than stellar resulting in sort of backlash from the community. We were not pleased with the quality were we? Well, GAP is back once again with a more official set of previews and... well... I recon they have redeemed themselves. But i'll let you be the judge. Mathijs has a whole new set of previews of Frankfurt Main from the German Airports team. Check it out! Thanks to ADX reader Maximilian Peukert for the tipoff!