GSX Cargo Operations In Development!

FSX/P3D. As a former user of Aerosoft Airport Enhancement Services, or should I say as a vehemently staunch former user of AES, I truly never thought a day would come where i would have to abandon what I personally considered for many years to be the very best addon utility for flight simulation. Well besides FSUPIC of course. Sadly, according to Mathijs Kok, Prepar3D compatability may never happen. Vistamare compatability is extremely bleak. So I have kissed AES goodbye. Sadly, GSX lacks many important AES features but sometimes we have to just be thankful for what we get. Obviously, FSDT among many developers see the promising future of P3D and they are ensuring compatibility with all their products. Currently in development by the team is the Cargo Operations Expansion of GEX. So if they do develop the FedEx mega hub in Memphis, this cargo addon will be a perfect match! Speaking of which, don't forget to vote on FSDT's next airport! Thanks to ADX reader James Cummings for the tipoff.