ThaiCreation: ท่าอากาศยานดอนเมือง Released!

FS9. Hey wait a minute. Weren't these guys developing Colombo in Sri Lanka? Huh. I must have missed that release or something. I need to look into that. In the mean time, an airport that I have personally been wanting is the old Don Mueang airport in Bangkok. I know A_A Sceneries promised this airport a few years ago along with the entire city of Bangkok but that's another project that went blurry. No worries though, based on the latest previews, looks like ThaiCreations is modeling the city too! This is a talented developer and I am looking forward to this release. For more screenshots, tap the source link below. 

ADX Update >> The FS9 version of this scenery has just been released. No word if a FSX/P3D version will follow yet.