Update On Airline2Sim > AuraSim Acquisition:

[FS Utilities] As you'll have read earlier here on ADX, Airline2Sim, developers of the Majestic Q400 cadet training program, will shortly be taking over the Aurasim EFB for the Q400 and the work-in-progress for the 777 EFB. According to Airline2Sim CEO Ben Weston: "We've had a lot of questions about the 777 in particular and whether we intend to finish the EFB for it. The answer is YES the 777-200LR EFB is about 70% complete and will be finished this summer, with the 300ER EFB to follow later this year. That's my promise." Well that sounds like good news to me! For more information about Airline2Sim and AuraSim check out these two links: http://www.airline2sim.com/http://www.aurasim.com/