DFS Rome: Still Alive & Still Work To Do...

FSX/P3D. I have been conducting my own tests of the DreamFactory Studios Rome Fiumicino in Prepar3D and as we all now know by now, this project was initially meant to be marketed and sold by Aerosoft. In the end, after two years in development, the Aerosoft team determined the visual and performance quality did not meet their current standards and subsequently rejected the product canceling it from their portfolio. No one can blame them for that. But their decision should not suggest this is a bad product or that all hope is lost for it. Certainly, there have been a great and many individuals including myself that have been waiting a very long time for a proper Rome scenery. Heck, at the time this project started, I was still using my merged ISD/Lago Rome scenery. Now can you expect FlyTampa or FlightBeam level of visual quality here? No. Of course not. But that does not mean it's not enjoyable. And if Blueprint can have a customer base, I think this product can fill a very important niche too. It' just needs to be priced appropriately. 

Now during my tests in P3Dv2 with the AXE, my frames both day and night were in the 40's and 50's. The developer is still in the process of optimizing the performance and tweaking bugs and soon (maybe today) I will conduct a live demonstration to show it off so you can see it in action for yourselves so you know up front what you are getting. As for when it will be released or via which webshop is yet to be determined. But for now, for those who were really waiting for this product to reach fruition, there is still hope. I have included a few screenshots from my tests with OpenLC EU. Stay tuned for more info. 

Update >> The archive video for our live test is here: http://www.twitch.tv/adxlive/c/4720787