The F50: Whats Going On? Well...

FSX/P3D. I remember just a little over a year ago when this project was announced by McPhat, the preview stream that followed was that of a rampage. An absolute onslaught of development previews. Then suddenly the music stopped with little communication. Quite naturally, I just assumed they were working on the systems which is that period where there is just not much to show. Well... In a status development released today, McPhat gives us some of their insight. Here is an excerpt:

"The Fokker 50 project was the first project that got shelved. So first thing we did was dust it off and set back all the pieces and restructure the whole workflow, with a killer new project application. Behind The Scenes we're working on the product and shop pages. A little more on the surface, the texture work gets taken care of. With the CGI work being worked on in the background (or is foreground?) we're still trying to cope with the fact that there are only 24 hours in a day and only 7 days in a week. Of course we want to finish the Fokker 50 first (it actually is on top of our priority list again), but with a slow FS market that only gets slower and slower with each passing year, we also have to be ready to focus on other businesses when the time comes to make a partial switch." 

Okay forget about the Fokker for a moment (Sorry to hear it was shelved without any communication. After all, people were waiting.) Is the FS market really getting slower? Are there any other developers out there that can corroborate this? And here I thought things were growing... What am I missing here?