SimWings Heathrow: Developer Statement.

FSX/P3D. "Gentlemen, there is a small :-) delay in the release of our EGLL scenery due to:

  • the SIZE of the airport
  • the high level of details (and in combination with performance optimization)
  • the testing of new performance optimized techniques for taxiway lines etc.
  • changes at the real airport which were done during our development (and we had to change that too)
  • summer vacations (with four people involved in one project, you always will get a delay because of vacations)

In fact it is 98% finished but I cannot say how long it will take to finish the 2% left. I always thought it´s better to release a good instead of a fast product. That´s why we have rebuilt nearly everything from scratch compared to our first EGGL scenery and development time increased ONE year more than expected." -Thorsten, sim-wings