What's Next From FSDT?

FSX/P3D. Virtuali has released a statement today and no doubt current FSDT customers already got the email. The Italian team is looking for your input on where the next destination shall be and I think you will find the list quite interesting indeed! Check it out:

  • RJTT - Tokyo Haneda
  • EDDF - Frankfurt
  • EHAM - Amsterdam Schipol
  • KLAS V2 - Las Vegas Upgrade*
  • KCLT - Charlotte Douglas
  • KMEM - Memphis
  • KSDF - Louisville
  • LFSB - Basel–Mulhouse–Freiburg
  • LEMD - Madrid Barajas

Seeing EDDF on the list more or less confirms FlightBeam has decided not to develop Frankfurt. I also base this on a statement Mir made back on July 4th. Now as we all know, their is a very heavy demand for Frankfurt but there is also a very heavy demand for Tokyo Haneda. Madrid seems like a useless entry on the list. Simwings already did a great job on that and I believe FSDT would be better off putting Fiumicino in that place setting instead. As for Amsterdam, well as we all know, this is afterall the same team that developed the Cloud9 version and to date after all these years, the C9 version is still the best rendition. But FSDG is currently developing AMS... Aerosoft claims to be developing AMS too... So interesting indeed. Now about Vegas: There will be an upgrade similar to the JFK V2 upgrade which will be a payware update at a moderate price. Umberto says FSDT WILL do this update in any case, sooner or later, regardless of the poll results. Who wants to bet Frankfurt will win??