MSE 2.0 URS Las Vegas Released!

FSX/P3D. Ultra-Res Cities take MegaSceneryEarth realism to a whole new level with unprecedented native 50 cm resolution scenery for larger cities and Terminal Control Areas. This titles gives you the Terminal Area for Las Vegas, Nevada (shown by the chart link below) around 6,500 square miles of photoreal scenery all displayed at 50 cm per pixel. The realism is simply stunning. You can fly this scenery and it remains clear right down to lower altitudes of around 500 feet. Perfect for helicopter flying around cities as well as cross city shorter flights in light aircraft or for ultra-realism while approaching and landing at a Terminal Control Area in a big jet. This terminal area can co-exist with your Nevada complete state scenery. Place the Ultra-Res city above the state scenery in your scenery library. Pay Just $19.95 and Download Right Away or for $29.90 we will download and master a 3-Disk DVD backup set and mail it to you. Now available!