Lionheart Lear Back in Action!

FSX/P3D. "In case you are wondering what happened, I had a catastrophic computer failure. A Malware from a website took over the registry in my computer. It was in the computer shop for two weeks. (I know, ridiculously long period of time). I then got a Asus 'nicely powerful' computer as a new primary computer and was going to use the older unit as a backup, which I believed was still dirty with virus d...ebris (I found a few things on it). Well, the new G10 didnt like the 512 Gig Pro Samsung SSD HD I dropped in it. Windows 8.1 (cough) didnt like it either, having perhaps 50 or more Bcd crashes which I first followed my reformatting the drive, as I couldnt reboot, refresh, or restore the rig.

I later found I could do fixes via the Start DOS window and that helped for a few days, and then that stopped working. I took the machine back, reformatted the older unit (total wipe) and slowly began building it back up again with the programs and files and data. Only last night did a get the full version of FSX and Accelleration running. 3 Weeks downtime and another for programs setup. 1 month. So, I am back, and the Lear is once again coming along. The Trim readout was built up 2 days ago, the Altitude Selector and Gyro are being finished presently, and more testing is being done. Pray for Lionheart Creations that no more obstacles occur and we can get the Lear finished, perfected, and ready for launch."