Godzone Subscription 2 Released!

FSX/P3D. For those of you who are subscribers of the Godzone Photoreal products, the issue 2 download is low available. I have also included a statement by the developer: "I've aware that my online store is having problems at the moment, my hosting company is working to sort it out, and hopefully they'll get it all fixed this evening. In the meantime, the Subscription site is up and running again, after being taken off-line to allow for a site-wide backup restoration. So subscribers can now download Issue 2 if you haven't done so yet.
If you wish to buy a subscription, then you can do so via the Subscription site. At some stage I was meant to change the installment arrangement this month (the period reduces each month, with a corresponding increase in monthly payments) but this can wait until I've got a bit more time. So the installments are still 5 payments of $20 per month. Remember that you can use the installment plan as a trial -- just sign up for installments, make the first payment of $20, and download the currently available scenery -- about 1800MB worth. You'll then have a month to decide whether you want to continue payments. If you choose to cancel, then you get to keep the scenery you've downloaded."
For more information, click the source link below.