Airline2Sim Acquires AuraSim Instruments!

[FS Utilities] Here is a statement from Ben Weston CEO of Airline2Sim: "Guys, I'm delighted to announce that today we've agreed to acquire the Dash 8 Q400 Performance Calculator/EFB along with the brand assets of Aurasim. The future of this service was under threat but is now safe. We will not be able to offer the EFB as a free service in future due to the costs of licensing, hosting and administrating what has become a significantly large site. However, for a small yearly membership fee you'll be able to enjoy the Q400 EFB, discounts off Airline2Sim training products, membership of the upcoming Q400 Airline2Sim shared cockpit flight deck team and discounts off future EFB products, including the Boeing 777 which will continue in development.
 We're finalising more details over the coming weeks and will keep you posted. We don't anticipate any disruptions in service for existing users while the transfer takes place."