PMDG Updated Product Release Info.

FSX. From R. Randazzo: "Captains, This is going to be short because I want to make sure we give you ONLY the piece of information you need most here:

RELEASE PLAN FOR SP1 and 300ER: We currently believe that we are on track to release the free Service Pack 1 update to the PMDG 777-200LR/F at some point late in the day (US EDT) on Friday. We can confirm that the PMDG 777-300ER will release concurrently with the SP1 update referenced in the previous sentence.

SCHEDULE IS MODERATELY LIKELY TO CHANGE SLIGHTLY: We are currently juggling a couple of technical issues behind the scenes that we want to resolve before we push these two items to release.  This being the case, please understand that we might possibly delay the release by a few days if we decide it is necessary to do so. I recognize that this will ignite endless debate- but as usual- if we decide it is necessary, that means it probably is, and as such we will do the right thing by holding it for a few days to resolve the issues that nag at us. I should also point out that the items I am referencing above are not all in the product itself.  The product itself is basically locked down now and the testing teams are flying it hard to make sure nothing bad is lurking in there that we need to know about.  We are not expecting them to find anything that would significantly delay the release plan.

Okay- so...  To summarize for those who have already forgotten what I just wrote:  "Release looks good for Friday- but we have a couple of minor items that might cause us to shift slightly... stay tuned here for more information!"

Thanks, all...  We are quite glad to have this update finished... Oh- Ryan wanted me to give you this link.  I said no- but he insisted...  He really is constantly lobbying on your behalf... [Get It Here] This will give you some interesting reading for sure.  I will follow through with the master change list on Thursday, I hope."

Thanks to ADX readers Josh Katz & Jordan King for the tipoff! Photo credit: Angle of Attack. 

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