Aerosoft PC-6 B2-H4 Status Update!

FSX/P3D. Yes we all want this aircraft and indeed we have all been very eagerly yet patiently waiting on this gem to arrive. However, with the advent of Orbx recent PNG Kokoda Track scenery by Ken and Tim, the want and need for this bird has increased immensely. Nevermind that we have been waiting years for a proper Turbo Porter. Today Marcel Felde the aircraft's developer has given us a little update as to what the his current situation is: "Hello everyone, I got a serious health issue some weeks ago and had to stay laying down for some time. Also I am not able to work at 150% again, there is some progress on the PC-6. As Mathijs said, it is a complex and effortful project. It will not be finished in a short period of time but I wont also give up the project after that work of the last years... Greetings, Marcel." I wish all the best to Marcel and send thanks for the communication. We are grateful. For the full statement, click the source link below.