M2M Mirage 2000: How Complex?

FSX/P3D. This bad boy is nothing like the die cast metal toy you used to hand fly around the backyard as a kid. The M2M Mirage2000 is seriously packing in systems. Add the TAC PAC and it's also packing in it's loadout. Here is the latest status update from the development team:

"The INS is working great. We kept the INS very close to the real aircraft's manual. I will have to warn you, it is a very complex operation and you can enter in your own GPS coordinates and navigate the Mirage. It can hold up to 10 way points, has functioning alignment operations, and so much more. Now I will let you know, this system is so complex that there is still work needed on it so if you find bugs please report them in the Open Beta Forum. Some items such as the MIP cartridge is still not finished, but the core navigation system is setup. I am very proud of Larry, our programmer reaching this milestone. He has done such a great job on this. Right now I am working on the instruction and Manual section for you guys to learn this. the new build is with in 48 hours. In the meantime the VRS Tac Pack Radar is getting done and soon once VRS releases the latest Tac Pack we can start seeing the weapon system in action."

Well one thing here is certain, you had better be ready to do some serious reading long before you attempt to fly.