Misha's Lake Tahoe: It's Coming Quick!

FSX/P3D. Lots of flight simulation news, lots of flight simulation products released this year, more this year, and several already lined up for next year. Couple this with the fact that FSX will now be available on Steam, I ah hopeful that our community can start to grow. The bigger we are, the better we are. Speaking of bigger and better, Misha is on a roll! Lake Tahoe is his current project in development and it's the biggest and best quality undertaking he has ever taken on. Not bad for a teenager eh? And like the FS forecast as predicted by the ADX Billboard, what you will not yet see there is Misha's next project which will be just as big and expected likely this year as well. Soon as Tahoe is release, I begin my next FTX NCA adventure. It should be one hell of a long ride! Be sure to check out the latest P3Dv2 screenshots posted today!