Aerosoft Rejects Rome X.

FSX/P3D. Well this one is a bit of a heart breaker. Rome, one of the many European airports that I have had the opportunity to visit, still has not made it's way into a payware likeness for the FSX/P3D platforms. Just 3 years ago I was still merging the Lago and ISD versions until Dream Factory released FS9 version. Whereas it's not the best quality, it surely filled the void for me. We had been waiting for some time for the FSX variant to arrive and sadly, after a long wait, it was finally ready for beta. The downside? The final release candidate has been officially rejected and will not be released by Aerosoft leaving the question: what will Dream Factory Studios do with the product now? Will they release via another webshop outlet? I suppose we will just have to wait and see. For now, read what Mathijs Kok had to say on the issue as well as what your options are if you are an existing customer of this product. All you need to know is via the source link below. Thanks to ADX reader James Goggi for the tipoff.