A Note To The Community From AuraSim:

[FS Utilities] Dear users, this is where we are going at the moment: AuraSim Triple Seven has been on hold for some time now. So has been the further development of Q400 FREE. There is multiple reason for this:

  • Everyone of us are doing this as a hobby - we have our jobs and families, friends who we spent our most time for.
  • We are missing data to make the Triple Seven product work like it should.
  • As there is no customer money involved, we do not feel like we owe anything.
  • The server costs are too much to handle - the current subscription is about to end in one month. We do not know what happens to the current Q400 FREE after the subscription comes to end.

Even though I'm as sorry for not being able to deliver you the final product as you are - I would like to remind you that no one has paid a single dollar for this so far. We have spent hundreds of hours and notable amount of money for this. I would not like to end everything like this - but there is no other way I'm afraid. We are looking for possibilities to keep the servers running after August, as there is still several hundreds users using AuraSim on daily basis. Thank you for understanding. -AuraSim