SkySoft Lijiang Sanyi: I'll Buy!

FSX/P3D. Okay here is the thing about SkySoft Simulation. First off, this guy is incredibly talented and I own a few of his projects. With each release, the quality goes up several notches. So what's the problem? Communication and consistency. Sometimes projects are shown then put in a back room with no word while other projects make way to completion. I'll give two examples: Beijing and Shenzhen. The former was first announced by the developer and subsequently ADX back in 2010! [See the announcement here] Then about a year and half ago By way of an ADX reader tipoff, we came across a video of ZBAA only released in Asia. [I included screenshots of the video in my post here] Then several projects were started and completed which is a very good thing but then we arrived at Shenzhen. The last previews were several months ago which depicted the project in a highly advanced stage of development. Then it went dark. Well we now know at least during that time he has been busy. Lijiang Sanyi previews are now available and the work looks mighty impressive. Release is expected in a week or so. Let's just hope he get's those other announced projects to fruition soon. Thanks to ADX readers René Dijkema & Jens Cassel for the tipoff.